Trigger Leads help you reach customers in market

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Trigger Leads

 Trigger leads target customers already in the market to purchase a new automobile or home. They also allow you to target people in market for to refinance their mortgage. Targeting customers in market can greatly increase the success of your advertising campaign. The mortgage industry has gone through recent changes. With the economy improving interest rates are climbing. Making it harder to reach people to refinance. What we are seeing that is working in this current market is reaching out to clients for a HELOC or cash out on their equity. Purchases are also a great option to increase your sales. We can show you how to market to this changing market and keep your sales growth.

Mortgage and Auto Selects

Auto and mortgage trigger leads can both be filtered by credit score. Mortgages can be filtered by loan amount, loan type , (Conventional, FHA/VA/ARM, construction, HELOC to mention a few ), loan-to-value, lender name, and more. Auto Trigger Leads are typically filtered by a zip code radius from your dealership and by FICO. With the current auto market it is good idea to target people who will be coming off of their lease. Next year we will see more people coming off their current lease then any other time. Give us a call so we can show you how to market to that segment. This will be a big deal in addition to your current Trigger Lead program. We deliver leads daily to your CRM  or through secure email transfer. We send out mail daily to your chosen criteria. Helping you reach your idea client.
We have been providing trigger leads to companies for over 20 years. We have an A+ rating with the better business bureau. You don’t stay in business this long with out doing something right. If you are looking for a company with a proven track record we can help.

Many companies do not have our background in mail and printing. Our thorough understanding of the mailing industry is crucial to maximizing your ROI in a new campaign. We offer complete mailing solutions to help you reach more customers.

Our staff is prepared to answer any questions that you have about your next trigger lead campaign. Our core philosophy emphasizes excellent customer service and our knowledge and expertise of mailing and trigger data. We are a family-founded American business employing American workers, and have a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call (423) 406-1544 or click to get started today!